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2010 so far

January 14th, 2010 (02:40 pm)

current mood: crushed

jan. 1 - went to tagaytay. freezing cold, loved it. wore my crime-fighting(TM) jacket!

jan. 4 - first day of work for 2010. still had the vacation hangover.

jan. 6 - i found out my teammate and i were declared redundant in the organizational chart so we both had to be laid off.

jan. 11 - my last week of work before my terminal leave starts. general sadness all around.

jan. 12 - a guy from this company i sent my resume to calls up. set a meeting for next tuesday.

jan. 13 - sent my endorsement email to the people i usually work with. shocked and sad replies all around.

and we come to today. it's my last thursday here at work. most of you know i despise thursdays because of the coding scheme for the traffic. thursdays mean i wake up extra early and leave the office extra late.

but i guess somehow, it doesn't matter anymore what day it is. the cold, hard fact of me having to leave feels more and more real. people offer sympathy, but it feels empty somehow.

i'm not afraid of losing my job. i know i can find a new one. it's just that this job gave me a lot of firsts to experience. the whole vibe of the company changed with the merger that happened, and i miss the company i got into. that company is gone now. the work has been a bit harder and oftentimes it feels cheerless and thankless. for all the hard work my team and i put into communicating the integration process, two of us were given the boot and my team was dissolved.

i'll miss the people i've worked with the most. i'm not ashamed to call them friends. and for such a big company, politics and bickering were virtually non-existent. i really love that fact.

so tomorrow is my last friday at work. i'm really looking forward to spending my terminal leave as a vacation of sorts.

after feb. 5, i'm officially out of the company. i'll have to start my career again. i hope the next company i get into will be able to provide me with job security.

time to sort and shred my papers and start doing my exit clearance. i never had any problems resigning before. it's just now, things are different.

i hate being sad.

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ask me anything

December 10th, 2009 (10:31 pm)


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(no subject)

October 20th, 2009 (08:33 am)

hello, LJ. it's been a while.

i wonder how many people are still here. i'm under the impression that people have moved on to other blogs or places (facebook comes to mind).

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happy christmas

December 24th, 2008 (09:00 pm)

merry christmas to you. may you get what you want and what you deserve.

also, i'd like to take the time to wish the people who are still out there working during christmas eve. those who can't be with their families because they're earning money for them. even if you can't read this, i wish you all the best this holiday season because out of all of us, you deserve it the most. happy christmas to you.

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food trip + site visit

September 29th, 2008 (10:36 pm)

went to our clark site in pampanga. this was a first for me and i was pretty excited to visit a new place. i was more eager to our "working lunch and merienda". the agenda for the day was an orientation of the clark site and planning sessions for an upcoming company-wide campaign.

the orientation was cool and i got to meet lots of new people. when lunchtime came around, my team and i trooped to this small restaurant called Roompa. oh man, it's time to eat!

their bestseller was their ribs so i ordered that. i expected a plate of three small ribs with mashed potatoes and blanched veggies. for Php 150, that was acceptable. i love being wrong.

there were only 2 ribs. 2 HUGE ribs. i don't know what they fed the cows here but i'm not complaining! the meat was tender and the barbeque sauce slathered all over them was finger-licking good! i loved it! it seemed to me that they have an honest-to-goodness smoker in the kitchen because that's what it smelled and tasted like: smoked to perfection.

the mashed potatoes were a great accompaniment to the ribs. they were light and not too salty or buttery, a great way to cut the strong flavors of the meat and sauce. the veggies were crisp and lightly buttered, just the way i liked them. i was happily stuffed and licking my fingers whenever i can.

i learned that the owner was a former US soldier who married a Filipina and decided to settle here. the place really resonated an old-style US feel to it. it's menu had classic american favorites like steak and chilli, but i know i'll come back for the ribs!

so much for a "working lunch". we made it up by working through merienda. it was a great day and i went back to manila with a full tummy and a great sense of accomplishment at having made new friends, worked on an awesome campaign and tasted Roompa's ribs.

note to self: return for a "working lunch" in Roompa soon.

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an excuse for a new iconset

July 27th, 2007 (02:51 pm)


my agency is looking for an account executive. must have good communication and organizational skills. must be patient and willing to go around the city. being female is a plus. training will be provided.

leave a message if your interested. please be interested.

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my first public post [perhaps the only one]

June 26th, 2006 (01:38 pm)

in the ratrace that's our world, there are a few constants. one of them is the fact that knowledge is power.

you might not know it, but just taking to people is already a form of knowledge-bartering. knowledge has become a form of currency.

some say that knowledge is the only currency.

like The Technocrat.


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(no subject)

June 10th, 2006 (12:57 am)
current mood: black and wild

it feels good to actually be proven wrong. i mean, when i said clients are just stupid and mean, i hadn't met the people at merck yet. they were very cool people. very easy to talk to and they really take care of their agency.

client 1: "uy! fineline! at may dalang pagkain!"

juris: "pakana ito ni jason! kasama yan sa spiel namin para sa presentation!"

*syempre hindi ko to pakana. para lang hindi masanay na dinadalhan sila ng pagkain. take one for the team, jason! kayo mo yan!*

client 2: uy, palit naman tayo. mas gusto ko ang cinnamon sugar pretzel kesa ito!

client 1: "ASA PA YOU!" *ngasab*

jason (to juris and ginger, in a low voice): "aaasa pa youuuu...pwede eh!"

even if i have freelance work all piled up with deadlines on the same day, i'm looking forward to the long weekend. please do not bother expecting a reply from me before 12nn unless we have previously agreed on something. this goes for tomorrow, sunday and monday. whee.

and i'm thinking of buying a new phone. an 1110. only i want a black and wild one. yup. i want a wild one.

yung wumawild...tama.

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(no subject)

May 28th, 2006 (04:02 pm)

this journal is for friends only.

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